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Let the good times roll!

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Access to 2 online coaching videos*

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“Jive dancers guide to Traditional Blues” booklet**

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Velody is an expert international coach in blues dance

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  1. Get in!

Walk into any new venue - even on your own - with these 5 top shortcuts & you’ll quickly feel at home in any new event, venue or scene!

  1. Vel’s Beaus & Belles

For those interested in competing or performing. Insider info from the mind of a competition judge. Performance hacks from a professional choreographer.

  1.  It’s not you, it’s me

They are a teacher, you’re struggling. You’re advanced and they are a beginner or plain ‘boring’. 5 hacks to dancing with someone of a VERY different skill level & actually enjoy it!

  1. Faster! Slower!

What do you do when the dancer of your dreams asks you to dance & the song is “too difficult”? Use these 3 tried and tested methods to nail the dance!

  1. Work it!

Solo blues increases your desirability. This lesson covers 4 FUNdamental solo blues movements - leave the handbags by your chair, you’ll need the space!

  1. Let’s get it on!

Easily start to fill your dance card with the more advanced dancers - 4 more challenging solo blues movements for those keen to level up technique and increase their ‘range’.

  1. It’s good to talk

Sometimes things go wrong and we have to stop the dance for a moment. If you're uncomfortable in ANY way, or you bump someone - or worse - here are some powerful scripts you can use when things don’t go to plan.

  1. Stay safe!

Protect yourself from common dancefloor injuries.

7 secrets advanced dancers use to protect and prolong their dance lives.

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