• Pitch with confidence
  • Win over clients more easily
  • Perform better in interviews - & on dates!
  • No generic, run-of-the-mill "just stand tall" advice

Mumbling, unsure and red-faced? Velody’s been there – she can show you how to overcome this anxiety fast.

“In 25+ years speaking in front of people I can honestly say I’ve made all the mistakes! Forgetting my notes, finding a stain on my clothes just before going out to speak and, my personal favourite; suddenly getting stage fright out of nowhere. If I can overcome these and many more fears – and become a Queen of Ceremonies, I can help you overcome your fears too”. Velody.

"I think he's just a little shy is all"

Whether you are “a bit nervous” of big presentations or struggling with networking, the confidence to speak will TRANSFORM your life and your business – guaranteed! A one-off ‘Public speaking’ course – typically costing  £300 per day – is all well and good but if you *really* want to shift this fear it’s going to take more than that – you need individual attention. Rome wasn’t built in a day so becoming the assured, confident person you need to be to succeed is going to take more than 1 day too! 

When you speak with confidence you are seen as more trustworthy, you win over clients more quickly – and with less effort! In the 30 Day Speaking with confidence package Velody will take you by the hand in and share industry secrets so you can:

*Shine in interviews* *Easily talk to camera* *Speak up in meetings* *Pitch your business idea* Guaranteed confidence within 30 days - or your money back!

4 one-on-one coaching sessions AND workbook for ONLY £995 (or 3 x £339)

Velody QC – Queen of Ceremonies 

  • Fear of public speaking – cured
  • Interview nerves – managed
  • Pitch problems – eliminated

If you’re not confident in your message you’re undermining your credibility. You know that feeling when you can tell you’re going red, stuttering & your mind is going blank!

  • Your body is working against you - but with Velody's help you can stop it, in under 30 days!
    In a few short sessions you’ll get to grips with what’s really going on and why you feel embarrassed speaking up. You’ll learn the best ways to build speaking confidence. You’ll stop making common mistakes so you can set yourself apart from the crowd - for the right reasons!
    You’ll be able to: Shine in interviews Easily talk to camera Speak up in meetings Pitch your business idea.
    Guaranteed within 30 days - or your money back!

Life changes when you do.